Uploading under windows / Linux using rsync

I've recently moved my blog across to dreamhost and was looking for the best way to upload files locally to a remote server. Ideally I only want to upload the changes not the whole site every time.

So this is how I did it.

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XUnit Unit Tests and Logging - XProj

Continuing from the last blog entry, I have put here some steps on getting XUnit / .Net Core xproj project and Liblog / Serilog working for a Unit test project.

Typically, these are used with .Net Core, although the next release of Visual Studio 2017 / tooling for Studio 2015 may make some of this obsolete as there are plans to move .Net Core to .csproj based projects

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XUnit Unit Tests and Logging - CSProj

Sometimes for libraries, it's important to be able to test the different parts to see if we get the output we expect.
This might involve running a select on a database via a database library, or just checking that the type of an object returned isn't null.
Unit tests can come in handy when a very important library has had changes made to it and you want to make sure the output is predictable.

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Logging with LibLog and SeriLog

For a while now I have been looking into the best way to implement logging within C# Projects.
A while back, I used to be a big fan of NLog, but more recently, I've moved to using LibLog and Serilog

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Using the Mbed CLI

I've recently been looking into the use of mbed for building embedded related projects. It turns out they've made building code against they're library very easy with a small tool called the mbed-cli. Mbed-cli is a python script that can be used to handle compiling / library dependency resolution / settings etc. for building projects.

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